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A photo dairy... And some words too...

“ In the olden days, producers knew what visual effects were. Now they’ve gotten into this methodology where they’ll hire a middleman – a visual effects supervisor, and this person works for the producing studio. They’re middle managers. And when you go into a review with one of them, there’s this weird sort of competition that happens. It’s a game called ‘Find What’s Wrong With This Shot’. And there’s always going to be something wrong, because everything’s subjective. And you can micromanage it down to a pixel, and that happens all the time. We’re doing it digitally, so there’s no pressure to save on film costs or whatever, so it’s not unusual to go through 500 revisions of the same shot, moving pixels around and scrutinizing this or that. That’s not how you manage artists. You encourage artists, and then you’ll get – you know – art. If your idea of managing artists is just pointing out what’s wrong and making them fix it over and over again, you end up with artists who just stand around asking “OK lady, where do you want this sofa? You want it over there? No? Fine. You want it over there? I don’t give a fuck. I’ll put it wherever you want it.” It’s creative mismanagement, it’s part of the whole corporate modality. The fish stinks from the head on down. Back on Star Wars, Robocop, we never thought about what was wrong with a shot. We just thought about how to make it better. ”

Good girls love bad guys.
I had no idea this was body paint last night.
Nazi zombie hunter girls just want to have fun.
Perfect moments require perfect coffee on Flickr.Sitting down in the sun and drinking some good coffee early in the morning after visiting bookstores and seeing people walk by. Food is coming soon. Changed seats a bunch of times to get these. These seats sit good but lean back too much. We’ll move across from these seats and have an even better seat. But this seat was pretty with wood and lines and the moment when everything was perfect and was not.

I was driving up 360 in Austin on my way to the wonderful deliciousness of Baby Acapulco’s wonderful purple margaritas. I was rushing. I noticed a car on the opposite side of the road. There was a man in front of it. The hood was opened. When I was parallel I saw him beating the engine with a tire jack. The car was a gold Lexus. He was a white male dressed in khakis and smart pollo. I imagine he was on his way somewhere important and had car troubles. He probably always had car troubles. Maybe he hated that car. Maybe he felt that car was the reason for all the misfortunes in life. It was a sight to see.

My takeaway from that moment is that I need to drive with my camera in my lap.

Austin. Imposing. on Flickr.
My Garden of Eden looks a lot like this. on Flickr.
I watch too many ghost stories. on Flickr.